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Our groundbreaking all-in-one platform puts unprecedented flexibility and scalability at your fingertips

Unearth deep and powerful revelations, rich veins of insights and impactful answers — with a speed and accuracy that leaves the others in your dust.

Intelligence Workspace Powerful, intuitive tools turn diverse data into high-impact intelligence. Detail

A distributed-workload approach powers rapid ingestion, modeling and versioning of massive amounts of data from diverse sources. This high-quality, well-prepped data means quick and accurate query, analysis, mining and AI – and data game-changing insights, visualizations and applications.

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Visualize Analytics on Large-Scale Graphs

Visualize Analytics on Large-Scale Graphs

Katana Graph Capablities Katana Graph Capablities
Operations & Governance Work with massive data to ensure security and compliance, and draw out deeper insights. Detail

Powerful AI capabilities are the key to precise and flexible next-generation Graph Ops. Katana Graph’s Cloud 3.0-enabled data flow brings a game-changing level of scalability to our platform’s blend of modern Data Architecture, Graph Ops, DevOps and MLOps.

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Graph Engine Three revolutionary tools power the graph engine’s unprecedented speed and scalability. Detail

The result of decades of research, our graph engine powers unparalleled data ingestion, query, analytics AI and AI inference. Katana Graph’s intelligence platform performs at speeds the competition can only dream of, with the help of a state-of-the-art streaming partitioner, and powerful analytics and communications engines.

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Katana Graph Capablities Katana Graph Capablities


Katana Graph Outclasses the Competition


Katana Graph performs 10x - 100x faster than competing graph platforms

Performance: Speed


Our platform scales beyond 256 machines

Performance: Scale


The Katana Graph engine runs on all three major cloud computing platforms - Azure, GCP and AWS

Performance: Flexibilty

Real-World Impact



Katana Graph works collaboratively with clients to create highly-attuned, purpose-driven graph tools for all the latest applications. 

Customer Empowerment



We’ve set out from day one to offer an agile graph-computing platform that’s flexible enough to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Nimble Acceleration.svg



Innovation in acceleration hardware means powerful insights delivered in time for the greatest impact.

Nonstop Innovation

A focus on continuous improvement inspires forward-thinking features.

Our powerful, incisive graph platform arms enterprise clients with the tools they need to make timely, impactful decisions informed by massive data.

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Our Partners

We’ve Helped Top Brands Get More From Their Data

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Our collaboration with Katana Graph will accelerate adoption of graph analytics on market-leading Intel Xeon Scalable processors as well as our upcoming GPUs, enabling more customers to take advantage of this insightful technique.

Wei Li Vice President, Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software

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    The Future of Knowledge Graphs

    Computing on massive amounts of data takes time, energy and resources. To get the most out of the knowledge graphs, high performance computing is necessary, and scaling is a requirement for high performance computing.

    Katana Graph to Present at AI & Big Data Expo

    Katana Graph announced today that senior software engineer Roshan Dathatri will participate in a featured presentation and panel at the AI & Big Data Expo.

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    Katana Graph Earns 2021 Great Place to Work Certification™

    The prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at Katana Graph.

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    Katana Graph Solving Security Issues With Graph Technology

    As the amount of data we generate grows, it requires more complex technology to be able to extract all the possible value from it. More and more of that data is unstructured and that makes it harder to interpret, but Katana Graph is using graph technology to identify relationships between entities which is modeled using a graph.