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Delivering Graph Analytics at Scale: Billions of Vertices and Trillions of Edges

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August 19, 2021

Much ink has been spilled over the power of graph-database technology. But to make a truly significant and future-proof impact on your organization, find out how Katana Graph is ushering in an era where innovation in distributed computing compounds the speed and scalability of graph –  delivering next-generation, ultra-high-performance graph analytics.

The white paper Graph Analytics on the Katana Graph Engine lays the groundwork for how high-powered graph analytics can help address the unique challenges of your organization. It illustrates the potential impact of graph analytics through two real-world examples:

  1. Websites and the relationship between hyperlinks within pages.
    “ ...page-rank of vertices in this graph provides a measure of the relative importance of the corresponding webpages.”
  2. Graph neural networks and graph convolutional networks used to understand the spread of infectious disease.

Find out how a distributed-workload approach on large clusters of machines provides the power to face down the biggest challenges that confront your organization, and helps you put daylight between you and the competition. And learn how you can use graph analytics to turn massive data into powerful insights.

The Katana Graph Engine shines by executing graph analytics applications on heterogeneous clusters of CPUs and GPUs, providing industry-leading performance and capability even on the largest graphs. Scale-out provides more aggregate computational power and DRAM for analyzing properties of large graphs than is possible on a single machine. In addition, each machine in the cluster can read a portion of the graph from secondary storage in parallel with other machines, which provides more aggregate bandwidth for loading the graph into memory.

The paper also highlights some key results of benchmark testing, providing numerical proof that Katana Graph outclasses the competition and achieves insights at speeds 10-100 times that of our competitors.  

Download the complete white paper authored by the Katana Graph Team: Graph Analytics on the Katana Graph Engine.

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