Sharpen Your Insights.

Real-World Impact

A graph intelligence platform that does it all.

Breaking Down Barriers to Graph

Simplified distributed computing drives huge graph-analytics performance gains without the need for major infrastructure.

Pulling More Data Into the Frame

Strengthen insights by bringing in a wider array of data to be standardized and plotted onto the graph.

Game-Changing Insights at Scale

Pairing innovations in graph and deep learning have meant efficiencies that allow timely insights on the world’s biggest graphs.

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The Katana Edge

Katana Graph is Breaking New Ground for Graph Intelligence

Our all-in-one graph intelligence platform features the game-changing intersection of graph technology and high performance computing.

The Katana Graph Edge


Katana Graph Outclasses the Competition


Katana Graph performs 10x - 100x faster than competing graph platforms

Performance: Speed


Our platform scales beyond 256 machines

Performance: Scale


The Katana Graph engine runs on all three major cloud computing platforms - Azure, GCP and AWS

Performance: Flexibilty

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Customer Empowerment

We’re Breaking New Ground for Graph

The Katana Graph engine powers innovative applications for graph-computing technology, across a wide range of industries.

Empowerment: Financial

Financial Services

Real-time detection of fraud and money laundering, predictive monitoring and customer 360.

Empowerment: Health

Health & Life Sciences

Intuitive graph-powered tools that fuel exciting new advances in genomics and precision medicine.

Empowerment: Security


High-powered AI and knowledge-graph technology helps identify threats, control access and assess vulnerability to attack.

That’s Just the Beginning

Find out how nimble and scalable graph analytics can deliver remarkable innovation in more and more use cases like supply-chain management, recommendation engines and more.

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Pingali painted a very promising picture for Katana's growth. Not bad at all, for a company that got its seed funding in May 2020. Katana Graph seems to be cutting it indeed.

George Anadiotis ZDNet Contributing Writer
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    Katana Graph Recognized on “Trend-Setting Products for 2022” list in Database Trends and Applications

    Katana Graph announced today that its Graph Intelligence Platform made the list for Database Trends and Applications’ “Trend-Setting Products for 2022.” The list honors products, platforms, and services – from long-established offerings to early-stage, breakthrough technologies – that meet the needs of its users.

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    Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2022

    Katana Graph is excited to be included in 'Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2022'.

    In The News
    The Makings of Graph AI: A Brief Retrospective

    Chris Rossbach, CTO at Katana Graph, discusses Graph AI in this informative article for AI Time Journal.

    In The News
    Barry Zane Named VP of Engineering at Katana Graph

    Longtime database and analytics guru Barry Zane is the most recent addition to Katana Graph, an Artificial Intelligence powered graph company based in Austin, Texas. As the company’s VP of Engineering, Zane will work closely with the Katana graph team on the graph query engine that’s arguably foundational to its leading edge graph intelligence platform.